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Friday, 26 March 2010

The clear up...and things

Today so far has been a busy day, as part of my helping in the village I clean the church well I vacuum, does not take me more than an hour and I love to go very early  in fact 7am normally gives me a great feeling after I have done it.
From there it was a quick walk around the corner to get my Flu jab at the Doctors....

Back home for a shower, then out to meet with the people I trained with as guides for the museum, so over coffee we chatted and found out how we were all getting along... was great to catch up as our paths do not cross in the norm of things at the museum.

Back home and sorted my fabric and threads for tomorrow I am attending a 2 day class, for Punto Antico ( for the non sewers it is a type of embroidery.)

That done, then the clean up from the painters who have left a thin or even thick  film of white dust everywhere, I really can not blame them as they were working on the door of every room in the house almost, the hall way looks good no more chipped paint and looks so so clean no finger marks on the paintwork.

Washing was put in machine between all these excursions and is blowing in the wind as we speak, and I am begining to feel really rightous and it is still only 1.30pm.
I think I deserve some lunch.

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