Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

So what is going on today

The friendly painters are back this time doing the hall way and 11 doors back and front
it has been a job to keep the cat off the paint,   he just wants to see what is going on from a very close proximity like on the paint brush or your feet and as we have to have some doors open for air to flow through and it is getting increasingly difficult to keep him outside.
Gee what with the kitchen and the hall looking clean and new and the deck outside all done I am not going to know the place myself.
But it is a great feeling to get it done.
So what can I do while this is all going on, well stitching keeps me out of the way
and of course making tea.

1 comment:

Ali Honey said...

Obviously the cat wants to help. He could use his tail or you could get him a smart is he?