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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Yard Work... a Deck

This house I live in was purchased almost 9 years ago, the young couple who owned it did a lot of alterations and made the house double it's original size.
Then unfortunately they got divorced, leaving a few things unfinished
This is where we bought the house. A lot of the yard work has been done, but one of the larger jobs that has been put off again and again has been to finish the deck, I should say the original deck was finished but after one of the extension was added to the house, the original deck was to be extended to attach to the extension.

This morning I have 3 burly Firemen building the deck.

My son Iain is a volunteer fireman and his friends Zac and Andy are also and this weekend they are on call, which means they have to stay within the village area.
 so they can get to any call outs within a few minutes
Andy is a builder and has offered to build the deck for me, with the two helpers.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be part of a deck in the working area.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi Laurie, there's nothing like a man in uniform let alone three of them (out of uniform)LOL. Flick me through your address andwe will see what the mini fairies can find.
hugs, Miche'le

Ali Honey said...

Lucky you. We are still waiting for our builder to turn up to do ours. I am sure he has forgotten.