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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Butterfly working

Butterfly flitting from one place to another, this really sums up my stitching lately... I have so many things on the go and they are all needed but no one is more important than the other to my brain.
So what am I flitting to and from ... Here is an update of where I am at:

I am really way way behind on my Applique class work, every time I sit down to do it I seem to get interrupted or have to be somewhere else.

Or am I looking for an excuse, one excuse is I can not work on the black in the evenings I find it hard on my eyes... so I have devised a plan I will work 1 hour during the day 3 times a week ... what is it they say " the best laid plans of men and mice" we will see ...

Project No.2

This stitched crazy patch Bag, pin cushion, scissor holder and needle case has been ready to make up now for I don't know how long .... so why have I not gotten around to it ??  that is the question,
I have no excuse on this one at all

Project 3

An Embroidery  guild member had a small packet of fairly old fabrics which she was disposing of, and amongst them was this linen band in a beautiful oatmeal colour and I could just envisage a band of alphabet and numbers so I have been stitching away merrily on this and enjoying myself what I shall finally do with it remains to be seen.

Project 4
This is not really a project as such  .. 
 I was doing some hardanger and it went wrong  ... really wrong .. in fact was going to take to much effort and to long a job to put right so I decided to just start again.
I could not just throw away the work I had put into it,   so decided to use a couple of the parts that could be reclaimed and one is now this key fob in the making another part will probably turn into something of the same... "waste not want not" Linen if far to expensive these days to just waste.

My Punto Antico is in almost the same position as last week  I have done a fair amount on it ..  but it has so much counted work in it I really do have to be in the mood ..  I find I can work on it  at Guild meetings,   but with distractions and people talking to me all that happens is,  it is  inclined to turn into " reversed stitching at home"
Of course there are at least 3 quilts in the making a stitched one and 2 pieced ones and a list of other things that have to be started at some date... I do hope none of them have a date line to be finished by ......or I am up the creek with out a paddle.

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