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Saturday, 17 April 2010

I want it all .. and some !!

Leanne Beasley and Rosalie Quinlan Australian designers are coming to NZ to take  work shops... the picture  is the advert for the Christchurch one in Christchurch is an hour by air or about 15 hours by car and ferry... so being practical that really is out of the question.
I believe there has been such response they are adding more classes around the country
I have learnt this week they are coming to our area on  North Island ... in fact just one hour away from where I live, they are to take a  weekend  retreat and it will be held in a beautiful resort  just outside of Taupo first weekend in July ... Whee !! all prepared to book ... when I realise that the date is the weekend before the Embroidery Guild Conference and week long workshops...for at which I have booked 4 days of classes
I am now debating can I really justify a weekend before a big week..... !! Can I afford to miss this opportunity !!  Oh please someone help me with my dilemma  ... I am like a child in a sweetie shop I want it all.


SandyN said...

Hi Laurie,

Yes, it can be all too hard. When you want to do everything.

I am going to a weekend workshop with both ladies in August. Which I can't wait. I think it will be worth meeting them both.

I wanted to go to a workshop with Kellie from Don't Look Now... but sometimes you can't do everything. But I like you want to do everything too!!

Sandy N

Deb said...

Go for it Laurie, when we get the next opportunity we do not know. I am tossing up whether to do one or two days down here and have finally decided to go for 2-blow it.
hugs Deb

Unknown said...

OH Laurie what a Great Opportunity to do a class with 2 of the Best...go for it..

Anonymous said...

Chris said...

Hi Laurie,
So envious of your predicament..two of my favourite stitchers...but glad to see you decided to go...with a little help from your blog friends.

I flat out can't afford it right matter what... but will look forward to the postings on various blogs..when the time comes..maybe next time they come over....


Chris...Wellington NZ