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Thursday, 24 June 2010

A Face lift

It was bathroom cleaning day ... nothing unusual in that you say .. and I agree but while cleaning I was looking at areas that were annoying me, the main one was beside the vanity there was a small area between it and the wall that was no good to man or beast... the other was beside the door  ... so after some thought I came up with a non expensive solution ( rather than remodelling the room).
I took off to (The Big Red Box) Warehouse and purchased a couple of their flat packs....
Voila !!  The areas that had no use are now  practical storage solutions. For the small cost of $25.00
Although I wish I had bought 2 three tier ones, may be I may change that corner one ( can always utilise it in sewing room)  and do away with the corner shelf or move it up a bit

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Bee Jay said...

Good thinking Laurie - that has certainly utilised the spaces perfectely. I take it from the wood that you live in a Lockwood home? I hope that's not a rude question - we also lived in a Lockwood in Springwood - it was the most comfortable home we've been in I think. Just loved it!