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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Fancy cup cake wrappers

While surfing the net of blogs, I came across this wedding blog 
I am not sure what I expected to find on this blog
But they showed how to make cupcake wrappers.
They are so easy I tried one and it makes your cupcakes look beautiful
 ( if a cupcake can look beautiful)
Make sure you measure your cupcake depth and width before you cut your doilie,
just in case you don't want to go the blog just stick the ends together with a glue stick.
One of the neatest "did I need to know that"    things I have found on net for ages.
It could make your next afternoon tea with friends a treat.


boysmum2 said...

And you had to find this out after we have both been married for years!

Ann said...

Thanks for showing these cupcake wrappers, Peggy, the bought ones are really expensive. Yes, I make cupcakes a lot!!! I have a proper afternoon tea a lot too, finger sandwiches and cakes, I even have two books on afternoon teas and what to serve and how to serve it.