Grandma and her boys

Friday, 4 June 2010

Oh! that lovely warm water

I attended the Arthritis aqua exercises this lunch time...Whee!!  what a work out and what lovely hot water, so much easier to do the exercises if you are comfortable.
It was just 30 minutes,  but you know you had done it afterwards ..... I think this is going to be a good programme for me... Monday and Friday's.


Ali Honey said...

No splashing Laurie , I'm getting all wet! It looks fun.

Bee Jay said...

Sounds wonderful Laurie. Hope it does the trick. We in Sydney follow you next week for our QBW.

Ann said...

That's just what I could do with Laurie, a bit of exercise without stress on the old bones.

Regarding the Queen's birthday, I was just remarking yesterday about this, why is it just the UK that doesn't make something of this I wonder.