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Monday, 16 August 2010

Why is my Front Door open ?

You may ask.... well it has stopped raining and it is actually warm enough to let in some fresh air.... long may it last ... but sorry no such luck, weather forecast brings back the rain again tomorrow.

While I was at the  Embroidery Exhibition during the week, they had a great sales table.
I loved so many of the items on it but I did manage to be very restraint and did not buy to much.....

What!!  I can hear folks saying ... Why  are you buying embroidery, when you do it yourself.?
The reply ... sometimes there are items that you adore but do not necessarily want to produce yourself.
This pin cushion  is on a wooden base, it is such a delicate thing and I just love it, so treated myself.
I also bought an embroidered Christmas decoration, and a scissor keeper made of delicate silk.
The sad side of this is I will never know who made these objects.
It is a shame that  the items that you buy from a sales table are not labeled with the name of the person who stitched them  .... for you never know they may become famous and the item could become a collectors item in the future   .... or if they survive they may become historical items  ... just like the Samplers  at  Vivien's talk  .

At Embroidery Guild / and Patchwork we always sign items we make just in case.


Ali Honey said...

I like the hussif you have pictured in your last post better than the photo I sent. Hope you find the pattern.
I too purchased a card and a scissor's keeper at the sales table. I always buy the cards. They sell thing FAR too cheaply.
I almost bought a set of embroidered coasters in a cloth covered box for $25, but in the end decided against it. I wouldn't want anyone spilling coffee on them - they were so delicate.

( I too always sign things even my felt balls ).
It's all clouding over AGAIN!

Deb said...

So nice being able to open windows and doors occasionally isn't it Laurie. Roll on spring.
Love the embroidered pincushion. I saw some of those wooden bottoms on trade me the other night and was so tempted to buy one but not confident enough to make the stop I think.

stitchenmylifeaway said...

My you made a lovely buy. It is sad to know that you will never know the stitcher, she did nice work.