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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Same as before in fact --- more of the same

Cherry Blossom in the snow in Central North Island

The weather is something one normally talks about  when there is nothing else of interest .. but Oh! this is different....
Wild weather is battering much of New Zealand with power cuts and a tornado in Taranaki - and there is worse to come they are telling us.... Wow !! this has been a week of weather.

Snow is falling in the central North Island where they are preparing for some heavy dumps.
On the Desert Road, temperatures plummeted by around seven degrees in an hour. Although the road remained open today, tomorrow could be another story.
They predicting more snow tonight, right through the night until tomorrow and into Friday morning even.
The weather as I write, as seen from the satellite. Not looking good....

In Taranaki the clean-up continues after a tornado ripped through just south of New Plymouth, downed power lines and brought trees down. Then to top it off  snow also dusted the region.
Powerco says 80,000 customers have suffered power cuts at various times since the weekend weather bomb. Two thousand were without power today, mostly in Western Bay of Plenty, Wairarapa, Manawatu and Taranaki.

Trees have fallen on top of cars around Auckland, power lines are down over roads and roofs have been blown off houses.  A section of the roof at Auckland Airport's domestic terminal has also come off. Maintenance crews are repairing the damage and monitoring the situation with more winds forecast.
With a set of cold fronts forecast for the next few days it will be a while before these storms blow over.

Talk about doom and gloom.... Tens of thousands of lambs have died over the past five days after snow and bitterly cold weather swept over the south island. This is going to cost the farmers dearly and the cost of lamb in the supermarkets will rise..
The safest thing in this weather is to stay inside basically and keep battened down.
Me I am warm and cosy and only venturing out when needs demand... and praying for the sunshine, this is so not like New Zealand in September  it is suppose to be spring with blossoms and sunshine .. School holidays start this weekend  lets pray it all changes by then.


Narelle said...

Oh boy! That really is some extreme weather.
Stay safe and warm.

sunny said...

Stay in where you're warm and safe. It's hard to believe that nature can be so beautiful and yet so cruel at the same time.