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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Something for me

A few weeks ago my friend and I were stitching together and while looking through my needle case for a particular needle, she mentioned that my needle case was beginning to look shabby and very well past it's use by date..... Making things for myself is not a common thing I do, I make so many items that are for gifts and swaps of course I enjoy doing this.... the one thing I do keep when I make them is bags... I have bags upon bags and had to put up a special hanger to hold them all.
So I decided to make a new needle case and here it is ... sorry the pictures are not the best I think I may need a new camera  ( wish list item).

I really put all the trimmings on this one including a magnetic fastener .. I used a necklace fastener for this purpose as the bag fasteners were to heavy and to large, the great thing is when you close it, it automatically clips closed so nothing falls out. I still have to put in a retainer for the small scissors ( note the safety pin) I am thinking a nice decorative piece of elastic.
I even went over board and did a new pincushion and scissor fob ... I have no reason why for the pin cushion will probably never get used as I have my old faithful one.


Ali Honey said...

That's lovely Laurie.
Yesterday's words were very true. It's not what you say as much as how you make people feel.
Hugs, Ali.

By Hoki Quilts said...

What a super treat for yourself. I tend to sit and look at all the new bits and bobs for ages, yet carry on using tatty old things for ever - why is that? I just can't bear to part with old things - oh gosh sounds like I have some awful disorder : ((

Unknown said...

Laurie .. I love your book is beautiful needles, the
bullion roses are beautiful. I recommend try
maintain tension when winding thus is more uniform and
not over tighten the line to wrap ... I have some
tips for bullion but in Spanish in my blog's .-...
magnetic closure idea is wonderful .. and although
color purple is not my .-.. is very beautiful .. and good
work with the internal fabric is that it is very difficult
work .. Congratulations .. good job