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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Humbug pattern and instructions

A few people asked about  making the humbug ... so here goes This is my first time at trying to write a pattern on to my blog so hope it works.

This has to be the simplest Humbug of all   .... 

Requirements .. linen what ever count you have ..
6 inches x  4 inches ( as you become proficient at them you can use far less)
Thread DMC your choice of colour.   using 2 strands ....
Gold thread

( each square on grid picture is 2 threads)

Work Star stitch as above across 4 threads  ...  12  stars across 
 Moving each line across as picture shows ... so grid  will be first line 12 stars
second line will have 11 stars .... then repeat until you have 9 rows in all

Work blanket stitch  using 1 strand  over 2 threads into each thread ..... 2 threads above and to the side of the star stitch ( see picture )

Using Gold thread work a cross stitch over 4 threads in all  spare spaces. ( or contrast)

This is where you can add beads if desired.

To make up
Trim the fabric  down all around to 4 threads above the button hole stitch. Folding this in as you go.
Using same colour thread 1 strand  .. slip stitch into each button hole stitch  along  short sides of humbug to join them.
Now fold and do same across one long side ...... .at this point you add your ribbon or cord by tucking it into one corner  and secure and then stitching along the seam

Stuff the humbug softly not to hard.
Now fold ... so the side seam is in the centre of the  top seam ( see picture) and then stitch along the seam as before. This fold makes the humbug shape....

Once you have done one the rest are child's play..... and you can make so many variations. making them larger or smaller as desired.


boysmum2 said...

What? I got lost between the threads, the stitches, the blanket stitch, the button hole stitch and how you decreased....!

boysmum2 said...

OK, so after reading it 26 times, I have the embroidery down pat but as for the folding and joining and slip stitches into other sorry, you lost me?!%#$

boysmum2 said...

Next time you make one take pictures at each stage and then post them, that will help us visual people to understand what the hell we are meant to be doing?
And seeing as I am related to you this should be easy for me?

Isabella said...

Daughters dont you love them ? I love mine, my daughter and the scissor keep you made me for last Christmas swap I was soo spoilt with such lovely work from you, I think of you often when I look at or use my gifts.