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Monday, 8 November 2010

Time to post

At last a few minutes to do a posting....
This last week or two has been so hectic, a lot of the time just normal day to day stuff but  the appointments and meetings, classes and outings all came at the same time.
Rotary Inner Wheel District Meeting which was being held in our town  .... so we had to organise the whole thing,  although this was only one day there was the meeting for food arrangements ... I had an Executive meeting the day before to fit in  there has been birthdays and special days for people .. meetings for the Embroidery Guild, Classes and outings and shopping.

Kathryn came for the day to go shopping ( which fell on the only day I had free lucky for her) She had bought a dress for her 40th party and the said dress has to cover 3 or 4 functions over the coming holiday period including a wedding .... she was not happy with said dress although she actually liked it ... far to see through, bra looked a mess under it, you name it,  it was wrong in her eyes, but with a few kind words  from Mum and  visiting all the dress shops in Rotorua  trying on dresses that were totally unsuitable, we soon sorted it, first you need a petticoat,  then a bolero to cover the very bare shoulders and the bra, ( she is well blessed in this area and can not go bra free) finally we had one very nice outfit and I had a happy daughter.  Now I have to get myself sorted for the said wedding.

 Then last week Whakatane here in North Island had their Embroidery Guild Exhibition and Open Day, a group of ladies from our Guild or I should say 2/3rds of our Guild took the hour car trip across to Whakatane.

We saw some beautiful work and came back with lots of new ideas. There was a lovely lunch and speaker and alot of talking done.
One thing stood out ..they had taken a class making a "Stitch Sampler Book" some photo's follow. This also had a envelope made from linen to store it was so neat.

We are hoping to start a Traditional group in the new year and this would be a good first project to do, especially as some of the group will be new stitchers and some are experienced but you can always do with a memory jog.

I just loved this Hardanger Tree, and the way it was displayed with a mirror so you could see the reverse side with out having to handle it.

My Embroidery Guild are having a Christmas Exhibition this year with an extra large sales table, ladies have been working hard and have produced some amazing items ready for it ..  here are the group who spent a day pricing everything of course this is but a small selection of the stock.
We have managed to secure an empty shop right in the city centre from a very benevolent landlord he has loaned us the premises free of charge for 4 days  25th - 27th November ... who says the age of chivalry is dead.

With in this time also a weekend class was organized by Rainbow Quilters when we revisited English Paper Piecing, can you believe that from a group of 40 ladies  .. 31 people came to do it, the room looked like a "sweat shop" with all of the machines and people with their heads down as busy as can be.... we had a great day. There was also some makings of some beautiful things I will do pictures when we have had show and tell at a meeting to come.

So you can see I have had a busy few weeks, and this is only half of it, if I find a few more minutes I will tell some more.

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