Grandma and her boys

Friday, 24 December 2010

Thank you for your get well wishes

Here comes Santa Claus ...... may be he would like to finish a few of my quilts when he has finished this one...

So Okay ... it is definite I will not be going anywhere tomorrow to celebrate Christmas, the antibugs have not started to kick in yet may be after this evenings dose I will begin to feel better.

So it is here I will stay, may be I will have a stitching day ... more than likely alone as everyone else will be at the family lunch in Papamoa, I am quite happy about that as it is not fair to offer my bugs to the whole family.
My sister has called and she has developed a sore throat ... so she is resting at the beach today ... but my guess is they will come home here sometime tomorrow.

Now that is going to be interesting as I have done absolutely no food shopping ... but the freezer has a good stock... so we will not go hungry.
There is no Christmas tree up or any decorations ...  so could not be less Christmasy  at this house if it tried. I also have done no present shopping so even Santa will not call here tonight.

May be I will develop a bit of Christmas spirit tomorrow and may even decorate with the tree at least...
Mind you I remember from years back when the tree did not go up until Christmas eve, and you did not Christmas shop in October and November ... so perhaps this is my chance to revert back to those days.

I have spent today tucked on the sofa watching Jamie Oliver's Family Christmas cooking programmes ... and realise how much we do go over board and how much of it is really not necessary, but mind you some of it sounded good. Will try and remember some of them for next year.

Hope Santa is good to you, I know he will be to us when we catch up with him


Ali Honey said...

Season's Greetings. Get well soon Laurie.

By Hoki Quilts said...

So sad to be alone at this time of the year (I have lots of experience in that dept.) but good on you for thinking of the health of others.
I hope that freezer of yours has a few extra special nibbles for you.
Get well very, very soon

Bee Jay said...

Stay tucked up Laurie and just concentrate on getting better soon. Christmas day will pass like all others and sometimes we wonder what the fuss was all about. We'll can remember the true meaning of Christmas without all the trimmings - I agree we do tend to 'go over the top' most years. Have a restful day. Blessings!