Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Back to normal each day now

It has been great this last week to get back to regular meetings of the Embroidery Guild and Rainbow Quilters.
The traffic is getting back to normal... you know the busy period in the mornings and then again at 3pm ... Mum's collecting the little darlings from school .... then busy at 5pm the workers returning home.

Everyone you speak to is either getting into exercise or healthy eating after the holiday period, I should be doing the same but I swim or take water exercise 5 times a week so that is all the effort you will get from me I am afraid .. The Polynesian Pools give a local ticket  for $40 ... you may use their pools at any time any day .... as many times as you wish for a month , so you could go three times a day if you wished ... now that is what I call a bargain.

My pills are working and I have energy ...whee!!

The garden is lovely after all the storms a week or so ago but the main draw back is the weeds they obviously doubly enjoyed the wet weather as they are now knee high.

My Hydrangeas have been amazing this year.


By Hoki Quilts said...

the colours of those flowers are just so intense. Wow.
Laurie I'm so pleased that you are starting to feel more like your old (oops sorry, young) self.
keep it up

Deb said...

Gorgeous hydrangeas Laurie. So pleased to hear you are feeling more energetic, thats fabulous news.
Gosh I think your exercise effort is fabulous, well done you.