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Monday, 11 April 2011

my week of bad news... continues

I posted at end of March about the week of not good news and it continued by the Monday 4th April I had another two not good news  items.
Then one is closer to home , on 6th April my brother in law Malcolm had a stroke  lucky it was just a small one but any is not good news, he has lost sensation on left side and walking is a problem but hopefully rehab will get him back on his feet quickly he is positive and will work hard at recouping .. so he is in our prayers


Shari said...

Sorry to hear of your recent bad news from family and friends. These things are always a worry. We must trust that it will all work out ok in the end.

Some lovely presents for your birthday! Including time with family - always nice.

It's good to hear you are spending a little time with friends and doing a bit of stitching. No rule that says you have to work on a quilt all the time - little projects are just wonderful.

Take care!

Hugs - Shari

PS - That guide job sounds very interesting!

Anonymous said...

I wish your brother-in-law a speedy recovery Laurie,only positive things will happen now,you deserve a break.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Laurie, thank you for posting about Malcolm - I will let my DH know as they were good 'mates' a while back.