Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Revisited a posting from 2007 ...... with the cutest photo's

Many years ago I saw this pattern at a craft fair, and thought Yes! if I have a Grand Daughter this would make a lovely quilt for her, the panels would be hand stitched with love by Grandma.

Now we all know that most of life is not a choice least somethings in life are and others are not and the sex of your Grand kids is one of the no choice ones....

So after 2 grandsons I thought oh well !! may be next time and the pattern went away in the UFO box ( unfinished objects to the uninitiated)

A couple of years on and 2 more Grandsons appear so the quilt stayed unfinished.

But I needed stitching and stuff to bring to Dubai so I decided to finish the quilt, it has changed to make it a little more masculine....the original had lots more flowers bands around the borders.

So sorry boys you are just going to have to love it at Grandma's house when you visit.

OK !! it is a bit Cissy I admit. Girls all over the quilt

But it is not that bad


Anonymous said...

haha thats funny Laurie and your boys are cute as.

sunny said...

Aren't they cute???? Nice quilt, too.

Bee Jay said...

Love the quilt's simplicity - and regardless, you sewed it with love!

BubzRugz said...

Hi Laurie,
popped in for a visit and a read of you... lots going on with you... and I love this little quilt and those little boys who are going to cuddle in your quilt.....

Isabella said...

Love your quilt myself can you give me the name of it Laurie I'd like to do one as you know I love the stitching part of quilts :)

Anonymous said...

Love your quilt!@The boys are so cute- I have 2 grandsons of my own.I also, really thing your mice are adorable. Where did you get the pattern ? I would love to make some.Debbie