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Monday, 23 May 2011

Bits and pieces of my day

This post is particularly for my family in UK who got in touch with my daughter as I had not posted for two weeks as they were worried about me " Was I okay ? " ... so just to let everyone know I am alive and kicking here is a few pictures of  "bits and pieces" of my everyday life.

 How is this .. This Christmas Cactus  last year and for a few years has just had one or two flowers in pale pink this year not only has it excelled it's self by flowering profusely but it is flowering in two shades of pink

Once again ... "if you are not going to use this bag I am !!"
I am sure I have a cat with a fetish for bags..... this is actually one of my sewing bags that I had just emptied to have a spring clean out of the odd pins and paper in the bottom, I just walked away to the rubbish bin and on my return it had taken possession....

Here is a picture taken by the Fire Service during a picture shoot for advertising the Fire Brigade
Of my  Fireman son and his family ....
Two of my lovely grandsons Ellis 10 and Harvey 7 next weekend.

Here we have part of The Inner Wheel ( Rotary) Committee our presidents husband has a Model T Ford and we are having a Roaring 30 's Conference in Napier next year so here we are all getting in the mood.  I am the one with the light fox fur over my shoulder.


Anonymous said...

lol,lol your cat is so funny,you must've had a good laugh Laurie when you caught her cat napping lol.
Your plant is beautiful and flourishing.
What fun you are up to in your roaring 20's gear.

Isabella said...

Soo glad to hear you are OK LOL

Bee Jay said...

Where did you ladies manage to find those furs? I guess people still keep them in the hope they will again become popular. You all look wonderful in that shot! Blessings!

Cheryll said...

Looks like a FuN week... glad you are back on blogger too!