Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 21 July 2011

A bit of an update.....

The shoulder and arm are "getting there" not nearly as much pain now, have cut down the pills and only seeing the physio every other day now.
I can hold the "mouse" so am managing to to read the blogs and catch up with everyone's "Doings" so I am trying a post, as there is so much to catch up with.
Thank you all for your lovely comments and sympathy they were all much appreciated.
I have also managed a fair bit of stitching ... promise to do some photographs when I remember where I put the camera.

Have a Quilting class on this coming Saturday... a small wall hanging  "Agapanthus" all machine work ... not done any real quilting for ages so easing back in gently.

Just like many other Grandparents I have had the 2  Rotorua Grandsons during the day for 3 days this week ... yes! it is the school holidays  and both parents working.....we have had a great time swimming, sewing and generally being spoilt .. I am sure they have been on the PlayStation and computer far to much ... more than is  good for them and eaten far to many nice things, but hey!! that's what this grand parenting is all about I believe.

"Grand Kids ......If I knew they were so much fun I would have had them first"

This coming week I have the 2 from Hamilton for 3 days, but they will stay with me night and day so it will be a bit different, days will be longer from "eyelids up to eyelids down"  ... But I have all sorts of stuff planned

Just keeping fingers crossed for the weather to be nice ... when I say nice I mean "Not Raining" we have had the worse 2/3 weeks on record of rain ... I have not put a foot on the lawns as they are 3 inches under water .... there has been no clean up in garden at all, so hopefully the boys may be able to help me this coming week if the sun shines for us..

Last Sunday my car was so dirty that I finally succumbed to a car wash at the local garage, there does not seem to have been a dry spell long enough for me to wash it in or a day when my shoulder would have allowed me to do it .... I chose the top priced car wash , a pressie to myself and   Wow Wee !! it looked great all polished and waxed, no water marks on the paintwork or windows so was worth every dollar ... I may be treat myself again in a couple of months.

Okay have over done the holding of the mouse, ache coming back in the arm so will sign off.


Anonymous said...

glad to see you are getting better and able to do some stitching,you are keeping quite busy though,watch you dont overdo it Laurie and take care.

sunny said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Just take it slow and easy. grandchildren are great for small projects that need done! Enjoy your time with them.

Sandy said...

I am catching up with blog sorry about your shoulder. I hate hurting myself because it seems to take forever for anything to heal....aging, I am sure! Take care and hope you can sew and stitch real soon without any pain.

Isabella said...

Have as much fun as you can with the grandkids I agree we should have had them first :):) take care remember