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Friday, 8 July 2011

Grandma to the rescue

Ben ( almost 8yrs ) jumped down of the stage at after school care on Monday night (like he has everyday practically for the last 2 years) and then complained his foot hurt but not to much and  could walk okay.
Next morning his foot was swollen and sore, so Dad took a couple of hours off work and took him for an x-ray.
Kathryn  on the other hand called in the cavalry (aka Grandma)
They diagnosed a sprain and sent him home telling them  to keep him off his foot for the rest of the week. So Grandma drove to Hamilton and  did a snatch and grab and took him home to Rotorua to spend a few day with her.
While everyone else went to school and work as normal.

Don't you just love Grandma's?

Unfortunately we wish it was all just that simple.
Turns out after the Radiologist re read and  reviewed his x-ray later in the day ...they called at 5pm to say he needed to be seen again due to actually having a broken foot.
Slight problem here, he was now over 1hr drive away.
Thus a quick call to Grandma .....

So I took him to local clinic here in Rotorua and they called Hamilton clinic who advised of the diagnosis.
Now we have a back slab, non weight bearing with crutches for 7 days, then a visit to fracture clinic and 4 weeks in a cast.

So here at Grandma's with DVD's and videos, reading and homework books, games and cards ...  we are learning to gamble on the games with glass beads and having late nights ... not sure if this is what Grandma is suppose to be teaching him .... but Ben  along with Grandma is enjoying it.
So we are having a great time doing on the most part nothing in particular,

 Grandma has done no sewing or been to any of her normal activities this week. Even the computer has been forgotten.
"Good news"  they say he can go back to school on Monday

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sunny said...

Sounds to me like Ben has a pretty wonderful Grandma! Enjoy your time together.