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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hello again ..... Help.!!

Hello again... well life is ticking over with no laptop computer ... the frustrations of this "sit up and beg one " is driving me bonkers... it drops the broadband on a regular basis and takes minutes to open different pages. The only thing I have been able to do is check my emails as long as there is not to many and no attachments.

Update on insurance claim ... mainly there will not be one as  computer is 5 yrs old so not covered, now this is news to me but STATE seem to think they told me in 2007 that my contents insurance had changed and they no longer covered computers on a replace basis ... even if  accidental damage but they do if it is stolen ???????   even though I have full value replace insurance ... so I have no leg to stand on with them  ..
I tried the stand firm bit,  but they are going to win in the end as ignorance is not a excuse in there book ... so looks like a trip to the computer shop  for a new one and it's all down to my bank balance...
Oh! plus the $170 they are willing to give for my trouble ... would like to say " No you keep it seems your need is greater than mine" but then I think NO why should they have it so by tomorrow my bank should be a little healthier.

So hopefully by the weekend I will have a new computer that I will not be able to use as it will have all these updated programmes and I will be confused and stressed trying to work out what is what and where the heck is that button I used to use and where has that piece of writing gone  ... OH! help all those passwords to put in again and all the personal information ...  plus all my favourites.

Take care hope you are all well and kicking up your heals ... I'll be back soon hopefully.


Anonymous said...

deep breath Laurie it will all work out can some family member maybe help give you a run through on your new one when you get it,you will have a ball on a new one,take care

By Hoki Quilts said...

Laurie those flipping companies seem to have us all by the fingernails at times like this -
State in particular. We changed from them after a just of water broke and the spilling water 'shorted' 3 appliances on the bench. State claimed all up that was 3 seperate breakages hence 3 seperate 'excess' amounts.
A new computer will get your poor brain going for a while but imagine the fun you will have trying to locate all 'favourites' etc. Good luck