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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Seems a long time....

It seems like ages since I wrote a post and looking at the date of the last one it is.....

So why ... well  life has been busy ... not sure with what but busy it has been, I know because I have been falling into bed each night  quite exhausted. So let me look at my diary ...what did I do ??

So  this could be boring ....

On the Monday I had a lovely lunch with my Brother and Sister in law, the same evening I had Charter Night Dinner with my Inner Wheel Club  ... If I remember I thought to myself I don't need to eat another thing for at least a week.
Tuesday ..  car to Hyundai to be serviced ...and no I did not manage get the price down and yes !!! it was more than they quoted, this really pee's me off I can tell you... mind they did give me car to use all day as I was so busy and they could not give me a definite time to collect my car.

 Later same morning  was Museum for  an hour  in  my voluntary position as a guide.
 Afternoon was stitching with a group of lovely ladies .... The evening was Patchwork group ... I think if I remember bed was welcome that night.

Wednesday was Embroidery Guild which is all day and evening ... no worries here as I enjoy Wednesdays this has to be my first love on the hobby side.

Thursday was a "boob squeeze"  in the morning ... Ladies this is Breast Cancer month please remember to go ... I am a survivor of breast cancer of 26 yrs .... you can be one to ...  if they get it fast enough.

Later same morning Committee meeting for the Arthritis Exercise Pool group of which I am the secretary.
If I remember rightly I may have managed a bit of house work in the afternoon and some food shopping.

Friday Morning shopping with a friend and then  at 12 noon  for an hour .... we went to a small concert that is put on about  once a month ... supporting local talent.. this day was 2  classical singers lovely young ladies who are tutored by a  local  lady ... they  need to get  practice with an audience and a young pianist who is just 15 yrs old and amazing ... this takes place in a  city centre church and the ladies from the church put on a lunch so that workers can attend in their lunch hour.
 Afternoon saw us at the garden centre .... some geraniums  for the front door step  ( love scarlet ones) and two  rhododendrons for a new bit of the garden
Friday evening I stitched regularly  with a few friends we used to do a "late nighter" ... but we are all getting older now and the late nights do not work anymore on a regular basis.

The weekend Saturday and Sunday was spent at the caravan with the Hamilton Grandsons and their parents ....
Sunday evening I gave in to  not watching the Ruby world cup bit  ( 5 weeks and I have not watched a match )  So I sat through a boring match and watched France almost cream the All Blacks. I guess the boring bit is the fact that I do not like Ruby it is a licence to injure each other  in my thoughts.
 I know you are thinking can you say such a thing in when you live in a country where the government  will allow changes in  the school holidays to fit in with  Ruby matches.  Uhmmm!! makes you wonder dosen"t it!!

Then we arrive at this week ... almost a repeat of the last except the committee meeting was  for Embroidery  Guild ..... I have managed to finish the by annual District Newsletter for Inner Wheel which I do as I am District Editor ...
 Oh! and I have also managed 3 swims .
I can only function with a diary by the telephone ... basically if it is not in the book it does not get done.
What is it they say ... if you have a job for someone  ask a busy person to do it ... I think I must be that busy person.
Oh !!  by the way it is Thursday and I have to finish designing posters for our Embroidery Exhibition .. and do the Minutes for the Arthritis meeting,
So if you are still with me here at the end of this post deserve a drink... tea, coffee or what ever is your tipple go on spoil yourself.


Alison said...

You have been one busy lady...I reckon it's YOU who needs the tipple!
Alison xx

sunny said...

Hi Laurie, I'm just catching up on blogs, and after reading all this I need a nap! You keep busy with some very fun activities!