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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Somethings confuse and annoy me !!!

I do hope you will not end up as confused as me by the end of this post.... I have to confess I am not up on cars and engines etc.... so here goes I will do my best to explain..

Two years ago I had a new car a Hyundai Tucson City .... nice,  white and just a  big enough engine to get me out of trouble when I  need the speed  also  carries enough people for my needs...
Lucky girl I was ... and most likely the last brand new car I will have  so it has to last me.

So what is there to gripe about I can hear you say... well I today booked it in for a service it will be it's second one ... I have done the correct mileage etc .... So off to the Hyundai Garage I go ..... when I asked for the service I decided to have the Gold one the top price at  $180 advertised  behind the receptionists desk.....  I thought I was being really generous to my car thinking  only the best will be good enough.

To my surprise the receptionist told me it will be $345 ... a little taken back I asked why it was so much considering their top service was only $180 ....  She said " because my car was only 2 yrs old and still under warranty" , now may be I am just a mere female but for the life of me I could not grasp why this made a halfpence of difference. Surely they will give it the best service with the Gold one as that was their top service.
 NO !!  I was wrong that price was only for cars older than mine or out of warranty or not a Hyundai ... so because my car is still under Warranty it will cost double the price. 

When I asked what I will get for the extra charge ... it was not very much more than the Gold Service  BUT it will make my warranty continue for another  year as I will have had it serviced at the  Hyundai Garage.

  I hope you are still with me and  I have not lost you !!!

So it seems to continue the warranty I have to pay more for my service for 3 yrs, there seemed to be no argument that worked with the girl she just stuck to her practised spiel.  It also seems that if I don't have the $345 service my warranty will be null and void from this day forth

For some reason it is still bugging me ... but you have guessed it I had to relent and book it in.
So really the warranty on the car is not given to you at all when you pay mega bucks for the new car  ... you have to pay for it in the long run of things... sometimes companies get you which ever way you turn.
Hopefully by tomorrow I will have calmed down a bit and will see sense.... may be!!!


Fiona said...

That is crazy Laurie.. no wonder you need to calm down... it rather defies any logic doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Laurie this is outrageous,i just told my husband and he shook his head in disbelief,he said is there another dealership you can go to ,there must be something that can be done,this is ripping people off,maybe threaten to go to consumer affairs,good luck Laurie.oxxo

sunny said...

Things that make you go hmmmmm. I can get pretty stubborn, and I wouldn't pay it. It's advertised at $180, and I wouldn't pay a penny more. And yes, it's because you're a woman that they're trying to take advantage of you. Insist on speaking to the manager, and threaten to sue for false advertising if you have too. THis sort of thing makes me so mad!! Do you want me to come there and straighten them out for you??

Z said...

I'd be fuming too and writing a letter to the manager to complain.

Cheryll said...

WOW! Makes you want to run out and scream at the top of your lungs, doesn't it!!!!!!

Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie,
Breathe deeply, stay composed. I too would do some ringing around dealers in other centres ( Taupo Tauranga Whakatane etc. ) to see what they offer.
Like many warantees I have come across they are just a rip off. ( Noel Leemings being the worst! )
I agree with what all the previous commenters have said. Keep us posted! Good Luck.

Bee Jay said...

I know exactly how you feel Laurie. We're in a similar position having recently purchased a 2 yr old Toyota still in the 3yr warranty period. We must have it serviced at either 6mths or 5000kms whichever comes first however it must be done at one of only two dealerships in Sydney - both miles apart and from where we live - and the minimum it will cost is $400 otherwise like yours, the warranty is null and void! Not worth the paper they are written on is my feeling! Will see what happens come December when it should be done! Blessings!