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Friday, 11 November 2011

So the run of OMG's continues ....

Not sure why I have put flowers here may be it should have been scull and cross bones.  ... read on

The time has come to put the camper van on the road .... I do this for just 6months a year ...waste of money  for any longer as I can only drive one vehicle at once and only use it in the summer.
So I took it along to the Hyundai Service centre ...yeah! the one who charged me an arm and a leg for a service on the car  ... they had given me a 20% discount voucher so I thought I would make use of it and get the camper serviced and WOF ( warrant of fitness)  easy one might say yeap ! they collected it for me and returned it ....then the shock came !!!!

IT failed its warrant   OH  "*!!**%^^%!!!"   said I.

My van is same as this one ... only it is dark now so could not take picture 

Now I could understand it  if it was mechanical or the floor was dropping out etc etc.   SO what has happened to it ....  it has the minutest amount of rust along the black rubber trims on 3 windows ....
 talk about "nit picking " and also NO water in windscreen wipers this was obviously a carnal sin.....( you would think they had  a tap at the service station and would have topped it up for me ...Nope !! )


I took it along to my friendly panel beater and painter today and he could not believe it ....  it is all superficial and aesthetic to say the least.  But because they have registered it failed with the Transport Agency folks ....  I have to have the work done before anyone can pass it as fit for the road. Grrrr!!

I have been spitting house bricks for 2 days now and it still riles me when I think about it. They have just lost a faithful customer  and it was not good PR for I can broadcast it far and wide and it is not the type of publicity they need. What is it about vehicles and me  lately...

So  that is now off my chest ... and I feel a bit calmer to say the least.


Anonymous said...

its nothing with you Laurie, its the car place that you go to,bunch of crooks,glad you are not going back.

Cheryll said...

OMG Laurie.. it's definitely time to give that company away for good! Sounds like they are drumming up business and don't care about their customers!! It's good to spread the word about them !!!! :(

sunny said...

What's the name of that place? Remind me to never go there. Shouldn't refilling the water be part of the servicing that you were there for? Sounds like this place is really out to get women. How can a little rust on the window frames make it unsafe to drive??? I hope that if you have to take it back to the same place for the reinspection, you can find a big burly man to go with you.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Breathe deep sweetie - little men with a touch of power thinking they have come across a 'pushover'. Well we know how strong you are so before you stick pins in their eyes go and find another garage I'm sure they would pass you, then you can toodle off throughout the Summer.
Have fun