Grandma and her boys

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas decorations …they are up

Okay Christmas has arrived at my house
Sorry that the pictures are not great …seems to be a flash problem in different areas of the house
The tree that hangs on the wall

 The window lights from Denmark in  1970 ..... One  in every window of the house.



A  china Santa and snowmen from
“ THE 1 ”   an American Store in Dubai, I just love these guys...

Suffolk Puff Christmas Trees

A Bough that hangs on the wall again from America …. the same decorations every year are put on to it … do you think I am stuck in a groove ?
Shame it did not photograph well ....


 So I made it got them up today Phew !!!  ... it is almost 10pm Hugs Laurie


Anonymous said...

your house looks wonderful and very festive Laurie,well done

boysmum2 said...

The bough on the wall is where you could hang your cross stitch ornaments like Carol from Stitching Dreams