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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Windows Live Writer …


I have just found this way of adding to your blog
From Jean visiting from  Marton who is
All points of the compass

It is just great no more fiddling with photo's in blogger and I think I am going to enjoy this ...
A few things to sort out so will sort it like signature etc.

Hugs Laurie


Deb said...

Its wonderful isn't it laurie, I use it all the time and it never causes any problems.

Anonymous said...

this sounds interesting Laurie

Nancy J said...

Great, Laurie, and if I go over to WEEBLY, which a friend says is even better, I'll let you know.Our Gem, Janet G, says at home in Marton..., "Blue Skies, and Fine Weather", how could that be. So good to meet you, lovely embroidery, such delicate handwork, the needle cases were a delight to look at. Chivers might just appear soon on my blog. Cheers from Jean.