Grandma and her boys

Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Lazy Day for all

 Today was a child minding day as DS and DI L have both gone back to work and there is another 2 weeks holiday to go for the kids. So I have had them for just 2 days this week and 2 next.
The day started at 8am they were both in bed when I arrived at their house and seemed quite happy to stay there, at about 10am we finally had breakfast ... I  cooked pancakes I will not repeat what they put on them but some concoctions that I would not have thought of.
 Then the day continued with everyone doing something very quietly, there was no disagreements no shouting  and play fighting, so Grandma had a great day also .... other than cooking breakfast and lunch ... I just sat and watched TV they have Sky so I saw programmes not normally available to me....  from 9am to 3pm  I was stitching ...  I tried to do a little 1 over 1 on my " sweet bag" but this was to tedious to do  and difficult to watch TV at the same time. 

So I started an ornament ... I am hopefully signed up for the 2012 Christmas ornament challenge here  am starting early as I hope to do one a month as far as possible.  I did not have a pattern with me but I did have  Little House Neighbourhood WIP. plus extra fabric  so I am adapting one of the houses and changing it to a Christmas picture.

I am going to put a Christmas tree with lights by the side of the house if I can work out a pattern to fit ... may be I will cheat a little and look in the Just Cross Stitch Christmas ornament magazines of which I have 6  ( but missed 2011 can you believe) and find one that I can adapt.

It is growing slowly but then I knew it would be slow... I must admit I spent a whole evening doing a large flower in the centre and then a whole morning unpicking it  .. it did not look right some how to me ....  the stitches were not looking good ... not my  actual stitching just the technique that was used ... so have to give it some thought ...  do I try it again as pattern says or adapt it.



Isabella said...

Since your stitching is allways so good I would say adapt it to suit you

boysmum2 said...

Oh oh might need to look at those magazines sometime please, need some inspiration for some ornaments