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Sunday, 22 January 2012

What happened to the house.... and marmalade

I managed to design a small Christmas Tree to add to my Little house.. I am now not sure how to finish it off with the area around it ... but it will come no doubt in time.
I have also noticed looking at the picture it needs a chimney.

Finally a pot of boiling marmalade..... I really cannot believe it took me 3 days to obtain the sugar for it .. sugar is not a commodity that I keep in large quantities as I do not use much of it in a year in general day to day living. .. so buying it is not on my normal supermarket list.


Anonymous said...

lovely stitchery Laurie and yummy marmalade.xx

Nancy J said...

Laurie, your stitching is perfection. Love the little tree. the right finish will come I'm sure.Blogger seems Ok today, I posted some questions and have some methods to try out to see if it will be better.Some are complicated so need lots of time to sit and try. Not much sewing at the moment, lots of outside work to do with Hugh. When do you go south? An overnight stop with us would be great.Just let me know the date/dates. Cheers from Jean.

Ali Honey said...

Maybe a path to the door that must be on the other side of the house. A fence too? You'll know what fits and looks right.
Hope the marmalade set.
( I had to really fiddle to get this to let me leave a here's hoping.)

Cheryll said...

You did a great job on the tree... and I agree the house would need a chimney! Lovely work Laurie! :)

Isabella said...

Yes Laurie Santa needs that chimney to get in :)