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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wish I was Camping again.....

Since I have been back from Christmas camping I have to honestly say I have not stitched a stitch ... not even picked up a needle  ... I am getting with draw symptoms.
So I should be away in the van again, there I get so much stitching done.
So the purpose of this post is to say  ... I am off again  really this time to South Island.
Some may remember a back post,  even two posts where I was planning a South Island Trips ... last year and the year before, I wanted to see the snow, a glimpse of Mt Cook ( on previous trips it seemed to have disappeared) and Lake Tekapo.  A few  life changing things stopped me going but that is all sorted now .  
This return trip has been in my brain for 3 years now, I have had to put it off twice ... But hey!! not this time come floods or high water ...... what ever the elements wants to throw at me.  The van has had a few  jobs done on it and is all ready to go.

 I want to visit the Otago area,  I also want to see Christchurch again  which I know will be heart wrenching after only just being there the year before seeing it in all it's glory.
Need to visit Nelson area and down the coast to Wanaka ,   then thorough  the central area ( not been this way before)

So I am finally going to make it in February leaving around 8th ... just a few more bits of the plan to get into place, like seeing a house sitter, and final planning of the route.

So here is a glimpse of some of the scenery ... around Queens town I should add not taken by me.

 I would also like to catch up with any  bloggers who live down there so if you are from the South let me know and I will try and call, say hello and drink a cup of tea ....  I will have all month to fill and I know it will be done easily


sunny said...

Oh my gosh - that sounds like a wonderful trip! I hope all goes well for you.

Michell said...

Sounds like you are doing the trip hubby would love to do. He wants to get in a camper van and travel the South Island to the places you want to go too. Have a lovely time.

Ali Honey said...

You'll have a lovely time laurie. If you are in Dunedin I think you might like to see the old embroidery collection they have at the museum. Samplers done by children that are so well done and very very old.
We thought the Catlins area really beautiful - we saw it on a fine sunny day and it was spectacular.We also enjoyed the train trip from Dunedin into Middlemarch in the Taiari Gorge.
Although very expensive the day trip ( or overnight trip ) across Lake Wanaka and out to Doubtful Sound( as well as the Manopouri power station ) would be the most amazing day out I have ever had in NZ.( R too )You can only get there by boat.The photography opportunities would be second to none.
There are so many lovely places to visit down there. Enjoy!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Hey Laurie, don't forget a Hokitika holiday, the West Coast is one place not to miss.
hugs Miche'le

Isabella said...

Oh my Laurie are you going to do this trip on your own ? hope one of your guild friends are going with you.

Jenny said...

Hi Laurie


Guess what we are doing in February? That's right, a South Island caravan trip. There are lots of things we want to see, and places to explore. Then there are a couple of items on my "must do" list. Like a visit to the Geraldine lace Museum, and afternoon tea at Jo Seager's cafe in Oxford. Perhaps we may even be staying at the same camp at the same time?

Nicky said...

Hi Laurie,
If you are venturing as far as Southland I'd love to catch up with you, we're on the western side of the beautiful Catlins. We were away this weekend to Oamaru, they have a fantastic heritage precinct, lots of craftspeople in action there at the weekend and just north of Oamaru on SH1 is Riverstone - the most incredible gift shops, potager garden and restaurant. I would almost consider driving the 3 hours back up there again just to visit this place again next weekend, it was so amazing.