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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I am Home

Here I am back on Home Ground ... this was the view from the ferry of Wellington.
 I know that South Island is only another part of NZ but it is amazing how you become attached to where you live, you seem to have an affinity with the  piece of earth that is familiar to you.

Now the holiday is over and it is back to normality, if there is such a thing, firstly the unpacking and putting away all the debris from the Campervan, getting back to normal meal times and normal food ... then the start of the diet to help remove some of the weight gained from all that good food, and icecream, plus all the home baked stuff every cafe everywhere offered.
Have to get back into my swimming almost every day ...  I have missed it .. may be that will help.

The cat is not talking to me I guess he has moved his affections to the house sitter ... but he will soon come around when he is hungry I am sure. The house sitter left the house beautifully clean and tidy  so a great big thank you to her.

So routine here I come ...  Posts on my trip will start as soon as my life is back to normal which may take a day or two I guess as I am still on holiday mode.


By Hoki Quilts said...

I bet that bed of yours is looking mighty good ; )
It was lovely meeting you and being able to put the 3D person to the blog posts.
hugs Miche'le

Anonymous said...

so glad Laurie that you had a wonderful trip,lol,its always good to get back home.xx

Fiona said...

Welcome home... I love Wellington with the houses on the hills...

Ali Honey said...

Welcome Home!

Jenny said...

Pleased you are home safe and sound. There is nothing like your own bed, is there?
Looking forward to reading about your trip in later posts.
Our South Island trip is going well, we have made it down to Geraldine, so have a long way to go yet.

Cheryll said...

Oh you're back... I just sent an email saying enjoy your trip... well I hope you did! :)