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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Six more sleeps

Just 6 more sleeps then off to the South Island in the campervan  ... I am so excited I bet I am worse than any child, this picture is giving almost the route that I am taking some of course.
I have a list of people to pop in on and I just hope I can reach you all if I am in your area, if there are anymore bloggers who fall into the basic route leave me an email and I will try to say hello as well.

My neighbour who used to work  in Otago area as a midwife in a past life is coming for supper tonight to give me a few pointers on places I should see  not on the tourist routes, that is going to be interesting as well.

I have organised kits of Christmas Ornaments to take along so all those beautiful balmy evenings I can sit and stitch and watch the sunsets, don't want to take anything to heavy going or intricate. ... or I can imagine getting back and having to reverse stitch a months worth of work.

I have the proverbial list ( my children will cringe at this bit ) and then a list of things not on the first list  ... my family used to laugh at my lists when Dad used to say " look out here comes mother with her lists"    but it was those lists that got them back to boarding school each term from where ever we were living in the world , they took us on holidays and everything managed to go with out to many hitches all because of "My Lists " So excuse me now while I recheck the list .....He He!!


Jenny said...

Only 6 more sleeps - no wonder you are getting excited.

Our caravan trip down south is 13 more sleeps away, so we will be trailing behind you. I'll keep a check on your blog and who knows, we may well be at the same place at the same time!


sunny said...

I am a list maker too! I'm going to be taking a short vacation in about a week, and I'm already making a mental list of the hand projects that I can take with me to keep my hands occupied, but not require too much brain power. I bought a book about New Zealand recently, and I'll be following you on your travels to learn more about your country! have a wonderful time.

By Hoki Quilts said...

The kettle will be on when you arrive : ), looking forward to meeting you -
hugs, Miche'le

Cheryll said...

I hope you have a really safe and fun trip Laurie. Enjoy stopping in on all the blogger friends... along the way!
EnJoY !! :)

Alison said...

Sounds as though you will have a lovely time...I assume you take a ferry to the South Island? how long does that take?
Alison xx