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Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Catch up...

It is now over a week since I returned home from the holiday ... and I have had difficulty getting back into my life routine, Good job the cat can let me know when he is hungry or he may have starved to death by now. He obviously missed me for he insists on being by my side at all times when I am in the house or the garden....  he has taken to curling up on anything that belongs to me that goes from clothes to sewing and the bed as soon as I vacate it in the mornings ...  he has taken a liking to the laundry on top of the washing machine where I keep ironing to be done. So after a few days of cat hairs on everything I have covered it with an old piece of towel but he seems quite happy with this.

I also found this thing in the laundry it is upright and electric ... low and behold I realised it was a vacuum cleaner amazing how you can forget things so fast ... so the carpets are looking better now.

I have gone back to swimming most days and to Embroidery Guild and Patchwork this week... it  was lovely to see everyone and catch up with all the gossip etc.
Embroidery guild are doing a project within guild and everyone has started theirs so I have to get organised but here is a picture of the  piece done by Fiona a guild member who is seeing us through the project.  The pattern is by Sue Thomson who designed the Corn Pad cushions that we did not so long ago.

So after my cleaning morning and making some soup from the veg I found that was looking sad in the veg tray ... I decided it was time for the van to be put away ... I guess holidays are over ... I only keep the van on the road for 6 months and next month it comes to the end of this years registration .. so I have cleaned it out and packed things away for the winter. So here it is all tucked away by the side of the garage on it's own hard standing behind a picket fence that has a neat gate made in it ... the fence opens half way along and it has wheels on which is a great design and so easy to use... makes driving  the van in so simple....  before we had to demolish a section of the fence and replace after the van was in.

While outside it was getting quite blustery and a real autumnal feel to it and when I looked at the flowers I realised my Chrysanthemums were in flower ... now when these are in flower I know it is almost autumn

But in a small basket here is a Hyacinth bulb coming through ... who can say what season it is after all.


Fiona said...

YOu seem to have had a wonderful holiday... its always amazing the difference in the garden when you have been away for a while....

Alison said...

Glad you're settling back home now sounds as though you had a lovely time
Alison xx

Nancy J said...

Lovely photos Laurie, my bulbs are still buried.Autumn is here, the mornings a lot cooler.Your holiday was timed so well. Why worry about a routine ,let the stitchery flow ,the ladies are so lovely.Cheers from Jean