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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Hello again

I just don't know why I have not blogged for awhile, but I have been on the run it seems since my return to normality ... Although I have been checking in and reading my favourite blogs.

I have returned to the Museum as a guide and Arthritis Pool classes as a tutor, Embroidery Guild and Patchwork and Inner Wheel.... I have been to Taupo and Katikati this week along with all the above  sometimes I think I over do each week... but I actually love being busy ... on that note ..... Yeah!!  taken on another thing.

Embroidery Guild could just not get a President no one would step up .....  and we have  at least 50 + members .. hated to see things in this situation so  a friend Beth and myself said "we would do a shared Presidency"  so that's the way it is ... we have decided we will have a theme for our year  we call it the "D theme"  which stands for DELIGATION, so although all these folks would not put up their hand they will all be delegated a job of sorts during the year and it will become a real shared  job with everyone putting in a small part to keep the wheels of the guild turning.

Katikati ... Thames Embroidery Guild is out sister guild  they take in may be 4 or 5 towns with in their area and meet each month together in a different town  ..... We meet on alternate years this time was our  year to go to them ...there must have been 40 +  of us .... they put on a wonderful spread for morning tea, lunch and then  before we left afternoon tea .. we had a theme as it was St Patrick's Day.... of  course it was Green or anything Irish.
 It was great to see all the work they were working on and to come back with a few new ideas.. and to meet and talk with friends we have made over the years on our visits.

I managed to do a fair amount of my ladies ..... between eating and talking.

As normal had problems sticking to the pattern and did my own thing .. changed the skirt design, it should have been a straight "hobble skirt" but it did not appeal to me very much...
( may be because I never will or even  never could  have worn such apparel.)


Anonymous said...

Lovely post Laurie and boy you have been busy,love your lady.xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Laurie and boy you have been busy,love your lady.xx