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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Milk how much would you pay ???

I have been away all weekend at a Inner Wheel National Conference in Napier, the Art Deco town in the North Island. The weather was beautiful and the company was great along with all the good food.

On the Saturday afternoon 4 of us escaped and went shopping ... naughty ....  I know but that is what you do when they give you no free time.

The shops are great in Napier .... but there was one fly in the ointment....

We stopped for a drink at a cafe .....   Cappadonna  was it's name,    tables and umbrellas on the side walk lots of cabinet food and a menu board as large as the wall it was on....
"This is all very interesting " I can hear you say.

Well 3 ladies ordered coffees and I ordered a tea .....    coffees $3.80 each and tea $3.80 not bad we said to each other as these can cost between $3 and $6 each in different places.

The lady behind the bar asked me if I wanted milk with my tea  if so what kind ..... fat, fat free, skinny , soya etc ... you know the thing I am talking about. "Yes please" I said  " I don't mind which kind of milk"  She then proceeded to ring up my bill.... "that will be $4.80 for the tea" she said . After I showed her the $3.80 quoted on the menu board she proceeded to tell me that "milk is extra in tea
and that there is a $1.00 charge" .
 We were all flabbergasted I can tell you I asked if she was joking and she said with a very stern face "NO" ....Well you can imagine 4 ladies stood with their mouths open ... after a minute of  our shock and a few comments from not only me but others...... she asked with not so nice voice did I want the tea or not as she had other customers ... I was very dry and needed the drink so I said "Yes please and do I get  half a litre of milk with my tea " to which she was not at all amused ...  I wonder why not ??

WELL!!!  the upshot of all this is I recieved a small jug ...  a smaller size than an egg cup with a table spoon of milk in it.  We decided not to persue the matter  I drank my tea which was quite nice and proceeded to tell everyone we met.   One nice lady suggested that we wrote to the Napier Chamber of Commerce and also the Napier local paper along with a copy to the cafe.  I am still thinking on this one and I think I may well do it.

I hate to imagine how much a litre of milk would have cost at a  $1.00 a tablepoon  ... I know every business has to make a profit  BUT this is beyond all reason and basically fleecing customers.

What would you have done or do now ???


Fiona said...

Hmm. that is pretty ridiculous... I have always known tea to be served with milk. Certainly seems a bit of a rip off... I think the stubborn in me would have walked out..

Anonymous said...

i agree with Fiona,that is outragess Laurie.xx

sunny said...

Paying extra for milk in your tea?!?!What has the world come to? I probably wouldn't have been very nice. They need to put that on the menu board along with the other prices! I sure hope it was a wonderful cup of tea.