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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh No! .... it has happened

No not the computer .... it was the printer 

I went to print some papers Saturday morning  and it would just not print ... so checked the ink and yes one cartridge was low but not empty ... did all the maintenance it tells you to do and  NO JOY!!! so called a friend and he said " sorry sounds like it has died "

So  I took a trip to town and checked out who had what on sale .... I was so proud of myself as I knew exactly what I wanted ... not tall as there is a shelf above where it lives , front paper feed for same reason  , individual ink cartridges, WiFi if possible .... scanning yes ....  but fax was not necessary
Looked at all the electrical / computer shops as they are all on the same  Shopping Mall

Studied the price of printers in each shop and also of the ink.
One was cheaper than the others ... one gave Fly Buy points ... the ink was cheaper here but more expensive there ... in fact I thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so it took .....

Finally decided on this one Hewlett Packard, with WiFi and all the other things .....  not the cheapest but the best for what I needed ...  ticking all the boxes. Got it in the shop that was more expensive than the others  so bargained and they reduced it to the price of the cheapest shop .....

So bought it home and plugged it in to electricity and my computer ... wonders of modern science etc. my computer recognizes it .....  installed itself on to my computer and the WiFi....  asked me to put in a page of printing  and it scanned it and copied it ...  all this using the WiFi  ... Wheeee!!!

so here it is  my new printer....


Anonymous said...

well done Laurie.xx

Alison said...

Well's a great feeling when you manage to do these things yourself!
Alison xx