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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Saga of the newsletter

There is no reason for this picture other than it is my Grandson Ellis
Mountain biking in Rotorua Red Woods last weekend .

I have been reading everyone's blog and keeping up with all the goings on .... but life has been a little fraught of late

Things have been a little hectic of late so much to do ....  three committee meetings, Arthritis Exercise classes,  local Inner Wheel  and this weekend  the District Meeting and the AGM for  Inner Wheel which covers  Friday and Saturday ......  I am feeling "a bit rung out"  That is a saying my Mother used to use.  Never really understood it as a child but I do now.

I am on the District Executive as  Editor for Inner Wheel and it has been the end of year Newsletter time ...just 16 pages this time ... this appears twice a year not an onerous job ....  but I rely on the clubs to send me their news etc...... and sometimes it is like getting blood from a stone.

Finally last Monday week I had it at the printers ... 2 days later I went to collect the finished 400 booklets  ...UMmmmmph!!!!!  can not think of the right word here ....But

They had made the most awful hash of it ...  the photographs were just like the photographer had moved while snapping them and the words looked like the machine had run out of ink and things had moved on the pages and were out of focus  ..... my heart sank .... I was envisaging redoing the whole lot again ( 3 weeks of work in 5 days )  .... they had printed it off of a memory stick and  I was imagining that things had gone seriously wrong with my copy..

So I refused them and they said they would redo them ... I inquired why had this happened and they told me it was their machine that had had a fit .... not my copy. Phewwww!!

If they knew this why did they think I would accept them in this state .... are there really people out there who would have ?   .....  because they seemed  amazed when I refused them.

So I finally picked them up on Wednesday this week ...  they are Okay .... but they have printed them better in the past ... I will may be have to look for different printer  in 6 months time when next copy is due out.  
So here it is 10pm and I have just finally finished bundling them up into clubs ready to go with me first thing tomorrow morning ..
Gee I do  hate doing things at the last minute this is not my way of doing things.
Roll on Sunday and it can all be put behind me just like a bad dream.

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Anonymous said...

what a handsome young man your grandson is Laurie and glad things got better at the printers.xx