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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Embroidery Exhibition Tauranga

Today a large group of Rotorua Embroidery Guild travelled to Tauranga for their  exhibition there was some lovely work and here are a few  pictures ..... the ones that appealed to me for various reasons.....  if you click on pictures you should get a larger view.

These cones are worked on canvas approx. 6 inches high   .... I think they have Christmas written all over them but obviously with a change of colour

Not a good close up picture of a  pincushion and scissor keeper in Hedebo work.

 A box top in canvas work

A sweet set of smalls

A very interesting felt door stop or book end, with a fair bit of top stitching

This picture does not do this work justice ... this is woven fabric  on an art canvas which is then painted white with stitched  feathers or leaves falling  down the canvas to gather above the  woven area . This one really appealed to me .... may be give it ago myself.

2 more box tops
The boxes of which there were quite a few were the Tauranga President's Challenge this year.


Anonymous said...

thankyou for sharing Laurie,gorgeous work.xx

sunny said...

Ooh! Ahhh! All so pretty!