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Friday, 17 August 2012

Guess what I saw today ??

Today there was a light in the sky .... which gave every thing a different glow.

As long as I had on the Gum Boots I could actually walk in the garden  with out sinking 6 inches into water ... Wheee!!   and this is what I saw ... that spring is not far away ....

miniature daffodils

A large Daffodil

One lonely Watsona  ( or I think that is what it is )

A miniature Azalea

Still not warm enough to be outside to long though so I cleaned and tidied  the sewing room and did a small amount of  construction and finishing on a couple of items,  pictures soon...  amazing what a glimpse of the sun will do ...  I must admit it raised my spirits.

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Anonymous said...

lovely pics Laurie i am cleaning out my sewing room also.xx