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Monday, 26 November 2012

Weekend of pain...

I just love this sign... Oh yeah that's just what I am.....

Just calling to let you know ......

More pain ... it really does not seem like my year yet alone my few months ... what with the leg and ankle and all the other ailments of this winter ... please add raging tooth ache.

Being an ex Dental Nurse I never ever suffered with more than a niggle in the tooth line before I was in the chair being sorted ... but luckily since those days I have always picked up on toothy things fast and called the Dentist ... always  had regular checks and have manged a fairly dental  pain  free existence.

Till this weekend ...WOW EEEhhh! it started Friday evening   ( of course a weekend ) I was almost to the point of banging the head on the wall ... painkillers every 4 hours doing almost nothing to help, so after 2 fairly sleepless nights .... I was at the dentists this morning ( Monday ) at 8.15 am as an emergency.

So here I am with a big whole in the bank balance and the proud owner of a Root Canal treatment  ( almost the price of a small car as one friend commented)... I feel as though I have been through the mill and back  ... so have to go back in 3 weeks after it has settled... bet that is not free either ..... mind you he did give me free painkillers ... big deal.

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