Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Santa Sack ... goodies

Today I opened my parcel from my Santa Sack partner Jeantte....

Oh!! what a lot of lovely parcels ... now I am going to be very good and keep them for Christmas Day
But I will hang up my stocking ... do you know this is the first stocking that I have ever had made for me ... I normally make them  plus my own  so thank you so much Jeanette.

Have a great Christmas everyone....


Anonymous said...

what a lovely stocking and i am opening mine also on xmas day Laurie.xx

Isabella said...

your post made me stop and think and I dont think I have ever had a Christmas stocking in all my 67yrs how sad is that lol
you have a Great Christmas Laurie.
Hugs from big loooong arms