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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Oh my gosh where have you been ...

Well, I have actually been almost no where ... life has been busy but I really can not say with what !!

I guess I have just had a stand down time, lots have things have gone by the board over the last few weeks.   Including house work for some reason I developed an aversion to it,  also ironing, window cleaning plus gardening of sorts.

But I have kept up my swimming almost every day with may be a day a week out ... this keeps the Arthritis effected bits of me moving.
I have also played a lot of games on this infernal machine and enjoyed every minute of them.

We have had great weather so far this summer and I have listened to many talking books while doing something else ... sometimes just sitting and listening ... I see how children love to be read to ... if you have never tried talking books from your library  give it ago you will be amazed. They are great for travelling in the car with.

This coming week sees life get back to speed with tutoring of Arthritis  exercise classes in Hot water
May be a session Guiding at the museum ( for some reason I stopped this last year probably it was boredom after 4 yrs continuous) also  resuming Embroidery Guild and Patchwork and stitch groups.

I am making nothing of note at present ... although I do have a "Challenge to design " which has to be in by April at Embroidery Guild,  this year is our 30th anniversary and this is Jade or Coral on the colour chart, so everyone has an envelope of bits and pieces of one of the colours to incorporate into their design ... at present my mind is a great big blank!!!
This is also our exhibition year ... which takes place in May,  as President I guess I had better get with it although we have a great committee so not all my baby.

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