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Sunday, 29 December 2013

I am still here ...

So Christmas is just about over and the New Year is almost upon us.
I hope you all had a  peaceful and blessed Christmas.
It has been awhile again since I blogged ...  lots of water has gone under the bridge  over the last couple of months ... a few hospital visits nothing to serious and all on the mend.
Been busy sewing and not a lot of quilting but did make a few items for swaps that I joined.
Unfortunately I lost a couple of friends over the last couple of months ... I guess it is that time of life when one should expect this but it is always very hard when it happens especially
when it is sudden and unexpected.
I have also been busy getting things done maintenance wise on the house, the drive and cobbled yard have both been relayed not by me of course  ... some trees removed from the garden and all the rest have had a good hair cut again  by Bruce the lovely garden maintenance man.
I have spent some time sitting in the garden stitching since the break up  of all my activities for the summer period this is where I was sitting ... unfortunately I had removed the table when I remembered to take the picture.
Pictures of what I have been doing in the next post ...  promise  
So every one take care have a lovely Summer if you live in the South of the world
 a cozy winter for all you who live in the  North


sunny said...

It's nice to 'see' you, Laurie. Sorry to hear of the loss of your friends. It's hard any time, but it seems harder around the holidays. It sounds like you've been very busy, so show us some more of your beautiful stitching when you get the chance. Take care . . .

Nancy J said...

Hi Laurie, best wishes for the season, and if this includes the New Year, that as well. Hope you are improving/ have improved/ and all is well in your garden too. AOK down here. Fond greetings, Jean.

Anonymous said...

so glad you are still here my friend and what a lovely place to sit and stitch,take care Laurie.xx

Jenny said...

So pleased you are back, it's been a while, and you have been missed from the blog roll list.

So sorry to read about the loss of your friends, it is never easy to deal with this, is it?

Happy Stitching over the summer season, while you are out enjoying your garden.