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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Hash House Harriers/ There they go

Or H3 as most runners know it.
Sunday is hash night here in Dubai, when Eric spends a couple of hours in the desert running a hare and hounds route, normally about 6 or 7 kms.
After the run they stand around in a circle with a large bonfire ( for what is it "not hot enough here") and tell stories and get a "down down" ( a beer which has to be drunk straight down ) often sat on a block of ice ....don't ask me why !!!! for any misdemeanor the RA ( chap in charge) can come up is all very light hearted and fun.
Here in Dubai there is always food afterwards as well... a BBQ or a curry, bought from an Indian restaurant which arrives in big pots similar to the ones school dinners used to be served from.

It is a very social evening and is open to anyone who wishes to come along, once someone has run on hash they learn about every hash in the world and there are some hundreds in different countries, so where ever you go you carry your kit with you in case it is hash night where you are.

I go along as mentioned before as the driver........Dubai has a Zero tolerance on alcohol and if you are caught drinking and driving it is jail for 18 to 30 days on top of that you spend up to 18 days in jail before you get to has happened and there are people in Dubai who can tell you about it.
It is so strict that if you are involved in a bump with another car, you are both breathalysed regardless of whose fault it is...and bingo if you have been drinking.....bye bye for a while.
Drinking here is not legal unless you have a licence or are staying in a hotel, of which we have not or do either......a licence is obtainable when you get a residence permit, which we still do not as far as the law is concerned we should not be drinking. Oh Yeh!!

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