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Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Other people in our life

I make it sound as though there are only the four of us in our family, but of course it has grown there is Kathryn's partner Steve a full Kiwi I believe 3rd generation, and Iain's wife Claire from good old UK, we could not have asked for two better additions to the Breadmore Clan........
That was of course until the Grand kiddies started to arrive. Firstly there is Ellis 6 1/2 .....Iain and Claire's eldest, followed by Ben 4 .....Kathryn and Steve's number one son, then along came Harvey 3 brother of Ellis and finally Alex 2 Ben's play mate.
These cousins so far have not met each other , but this will all change as Iain and family emigrate to NZ in 3 weeks time. It will be just wonderful for Grandma and Grandad to have all the little ones on one continent. So another big pull to return home for.



Alex and Dad


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