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Saturday, 1 September 2007

All things are moving

Today we have heard Kathryn and Steve have sold their house, ( may be we can touch them for a loan ..........) so they are moving to Hamilton to take up a new job, about an hour south of Auckland which will bring them closer to us in Rotorua, now we will only have to travel just over the hour to vist....BUT

What about the airport? What about the car being left in their garden when we are over seas? What about the pickups from the airport or the over night stays not only for us but the rest of the family on their way in and out of the country ?

Now, did they think of all this before they took this gigantic decison to move, did they ask for our thoughts have they come up with an alternative for these services they have been giving....... I think I can guess the answer....***!!*!# or something like that.

So we wish them well, and know they will love being out of Auckland all that traffic and the crowds of people, will be no great loss. I know they will enjoy Hamilton a lot for everyone to do, a lovely park and of course the river, a Quilt Guild for Kathryn etc. Also every thing will be almost on the door step, nothing will be far from home.

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boysmum2 said...

Did we think of the family when deciding to move? Hum I think not!
You can still park your car at our house, we will still give rides to the airport, as long as you are flying from Hamilton Airport otherwise it will cost you petrol money!