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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Silky Pillows

The Inner Wheel Club of NZ had a project going of making "silky Pillows, these were used by ladies who had, had breast ops..... they helped with the protection of the wound and kept the arm away from banging on the site of the op. In Rotorua we took on this project and to date have made many many such pillows.
The Quilters Guild here in Dubai was approached by the Breast Cancer Society, to ask if we could make something similar, the commercial one that is available was not a good design or fabric, it was oblong and made of a cord type material which would have irritate the wound, so I told them about the NZ ones. I emailed my Inner wheel club in Rotorua, and Noreen Fitzsimmons kindly sent me a pattern.

We are now on the road to make 40 of them as our first "package"
So Ladies in New Zealand we have spread the word and the deeds.
Pillow made by Dubai Quilter Guild

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boysmum2 said...

What a fab idea, such a universal item that can be used world wide.
Nearly October, so getting everything PINK ready.
They have even put together a conference in Rotorua at the end of Oct for Breast Cancer sufferers. Would have loved to have gone, but just doesn't fit in with plans for this year, although am hoping to join the walk in the domain in Auckland on Oct 6.