Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

10 days to go

It is just 10 days before Iain and Family arrive here in Dubai. On route to NZ.
We are getting excited about showing them around, as this will likely be their only one trip to Dubai in the next decade. They have 2 children to educate and raise and as we all know not a cheap thing to do.
They were hoping to go to Wild Wadi...a water park really for adults as some of the water slides reach a 80 kms an hour speed.....but sorry to say the park closes on the 15th for 15 days overhaul etc and sorry boys we will have to go to Dreamland instead same thing different place.

Don't forget you will not see much of, if any of this in the future

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boysmum2 said...

At least they have seen snow! Ben goes on about snow but really has no idea what it is!