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Thursday, 18 October 2007

BOM Quilt and the head aches

As published in the past, I am doing BOM( block of the month) for Dubai Quilters this year.

It is amazing how many people can look at the same instructions and read something totally different. I have just had 2 days of sorting through emails that commented on instructions......these were read by people and each came up with a different problem from them. I assumed because so many were finding snags that there must be some.
After almost a partially sleepless night and best part of worried day that I had done something totally stupid............ I spent 4 hours today going through something that was correct in the first place....but it is amazing how other peoples views can change your own until you no longer believe in yourself.
It finally was an instruction written by the person who designed the original pattern that was at fault. I also assumed that the designer would have got it right.

The moral of this missive..."Never ever assume anything"

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