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Saturday, 20 October 2007

So what happened this weekend

Another weekend over.

The weather is beginning to cool off now only 34/35 degrees most days and dropping to 25 at night almost winter like. But it is making it just nice to sit on the balcony in the evening, so with a glass of wine and some nibbles this is where we will be found after 7pm most evenings.

We had a hectic weekend one way and another. Thursday saw us sitting on the balcony for an hour and then we wandered to the local Indian Restaurant where they do a weekend buffet, we partook of this and while we were eating we had a text to visit Phil and Tika for a drink so we meandered to their house and sat outside till 12.45am just passing the time talking and drinking, so civilised.

Friday we hosed off the balcony and got rid of some of the sand, which did me no good at all as I started a slight asthma attack so a couple of puffs on the inhaler was called for....

The company Eric is associated with here...who act as their agent were celebrating 25 yrs of being in Dubai. So in the afternoon we were invited to a Desert Safari, you go out into the desert and ride buggies and things in the sand and generally play around, after there is a dining area with cushions and low tables where you dine and drink while watching Belly dancers. would be correct in thinking the dancers would be Arab ladies, yes!! No!! the Arab ladies don't like to do it any more so this girl was Russian...someone has to do it we guess.

So, because of the nature of the event in the sand, after my attack in the morning I made the decision I would not partake of this event so stayed home, the sand is causing me a few problems with the breathing on occasions. Eric went off with 80 Indian Bachelors and a few Indian ladies who were wives of managers, Plus the Big Boss Gurgit and his wife Pria. Although he said it was totally boring, it was also interesting. Seems the Indian Ladies don't dance and only the men get up and dance very erotic dancing to the Disco music, all the women stay seated and watch them. The food was Yes! you guessed Indian and the drink flowed well so I think he had a good time, besides being bored. But it was a long evening 4pm...11pm rather to long he thinks.

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