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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Saturday Trip to the Plant Market

Our Balcony is becoming a jungle with plants.
It all started a few months ago.
We went to a friend Malcolm's "60 something"
birthday party in Abu Dabi, where on his balcony he was growing every thing you can imagine from flowers to trees and fruit and vegetables, Eric was so impressed with what you could achieve on just a balcony he vowed there and then to do the same.
Now Malcolm has been in his apartment for 7 yrs so we have some catching up to do.
So with no more ado when we got back to Dubai we made a purchase of our first plant a lilac coloured Bougainvillea, over the months we have gained more and more we now have them all shapes and colours.
We gave tomatoes a try but they just got burnt out of the pots, we may try another in a month or so when it is cooler. One of our latest plants is a 3ft high Gardenia we guess it may be white or cream coloured when it finally flowers
Today's purchase was 24 marigold plants and a dozen others that we have no idea of the name of, so we are going to bring back a garden book from NZ in November.
Plus some liquid manure there does not seem to be any here and the plants must need feeding, we have a few stick tomato food we found, so we have tried giving a stick of it to the bougainvillea, we are not sure it is the right thing to give them, but we guess some food is better than no food, and they are flowering well
The balcony garden gets watered every day if not twice a day, we must be impressing the neighbours as a couple of them now have plants on their balconies. The other nice thing is that they are so cheap to buy, so if they do pop off we can replace them. The 24 marigolds cost us about $8 or $9 a small price for the enjoyment they are bringing.

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